The IM How To Video Series: The “Virtual” Handshake

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This product has a series of on-screen tutorials covering everything you MUST know about internet marketing!

Back in the day, deals were made on a handshake- people were good to their word and trust was a given. Today however, when we sell online products, we can’t see the buyer. So how can we develop that rapport and build the trust we need to close a deal?

This video series will take the 6 key facets that make “Handshake Deals” possible again and show you step-by-step how to build trust online and implement each of these 6 key selling strategies.

Contains: 1 Intro video Overview, 6 Tutorial videos, and 1 Companion Exercise Workbook. (Everything here is included in this one price.)


This is the Companion Workbook for your new video training series- comes with 6 key video lessons which will cover each of the key facets of Handshake Deals.

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