“Be The Hero” Story Creation Workbook & Instructional Guide

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It isn’t about paying attention, or even getting buyers’ attention. Today’s business relies on being able to matter.

We have to make a difference to our potential buyers. There are simply too many other businesses just like ours to rely on slick advertising prepared by others.

Instead we need to tell our story, we have to show why we care more about them than anyone else.  

Telling our story, the story of being a hero for their pain, that’s way to make a connection that lasts, and pays dividends. 


UPDATE:  In the 2nd Edition, we have added a new Instructional Guide 


In the workbook, we have a framework to help you develop your story:

Part 1-

Memories That Make Me Who I Am

Part 2-

Using the Framework

Part 3: 

Putting It All Together

Part 4:



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