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Learning to Live with Impact

The kind of lifestyle you live is about more than just you. Have you ever stopped to think of how many people look up to you, wishing they could be part of your team, or family circle? It might surprise you, when you think, “Who me?”

But it’s true! The actions you take have an impact on others, whether you feel it or not. A friend of mine, Jon, and his wife Tasha, live by this saying,

“Average is a choice !
Success becomes an eventuality for those who refuse to be just average.”

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Your Business won’t Build Itself!

Sometimes as we are learning so many new skills, we find ourselves giving in to the feelings of a kid wanting to be outside playing ball when he knows he still has homework to do. I get it. In this section not only will you find great skills builders, but also outstanding motivational audios, videos, and lead magnets, ready for you to put to work for your biz.

The Inner Circle is all about tough love, teamwork, motivation, organizing, streamlining, scaling and success. Words of advice from Lawrence Tam (over $2m earned in commissions- after he ‘coasted’for 1/2 a year), Tracey Walker (Multi-million earner, who took her ideas and started the Dream Team, spinning off scores of 6-and 7-figure earners), my mentor Michael Martin, and dozens of others. You’re bound to find stories that motivate you to get on the success train as these speakers will show you.

Winning with Motivation

Scale Up to Max Your Potential

Some new entrepreneurs say, “I need to learn everything from start to finish!” And we say ok to that. Others come in with an idea of what they know and what they want to do- maybe you just need to master Facebook, or learn the best way to drive leads from Pintrest. We gotcha covered!

We’re always happy to help, and we want to make sure you love what you’re learning. We provide 3 ways to learn: Blogs are always free to browse as often as you can; Content & Training packages can be purchased for download to learn just what you need on your own timetable; and we have a monthly membership that allows you to view everything, learning here at your convenience.

The many products available in the Strategy Links Shop are those I have tested and used. These are also available for download and re-sale, to start making money over and over again for just a one-time purchase.